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Roach Control

Roach Control on Emerald Isle, NC

There are two main species of cockroach on Emerald Isle, North Carolina; American cockroach “Water Bug” and the  German cockroach. Of these, the German cockroach is by far the most common as well as the toughest to eradicate. The German cockroach produces more eggs and has the most filthy habits of the two cockroach species at the Crystal Coast of Eastern North Carolina. Cockroaches carry numerous pathogenic diseases in and on their bodies, potentially spreading them to humans.

German Roach

Color: Light brown to tan, usually with two almost parallel dark stripes on their shield.

Roach Control | Roach Treatment - Emerald Isle, North CarolinaCharacteristics: Female roaches are darker than the male, with a broader abdomen.

Size: Approximately 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch long.

Potentially dangerous: Yes – They may transmit disease organisms and cause allergic reactions in some people.

German cockroaches are more commonly found living indoors rather than outdoors. In fact, they are considered the most common type of roach to infest homes around New Bern, NC, also multi-family dwellings, restaurants and other commercial facilities. They are often found hiding in moist, humid areas such as bathrooms & kitchens and have a tendency to hide under and behind appliances.

American Roach “Water Bug”

Color: Reddish brown with a pale brown figure eight band on the back of their heads.

Roach Treatment | Roach Control Emerald North Carolina Characteristics: American roaches are oval shaped. Adults are fully winged.

Size: Adult roaches are approximately 1 1/2 inches long.

Potentially Dangerous: Yes – The American cockroach is a filthy insect, and their presence in the home or business can pose a severe health risk. American roaches have been reported to carry and spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, as well as six kinds of parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens.

They pick up germs on the spines of their legs and body as they crawl through decaying matter or sewage, and then transfer the germs onto food or cooking surfaces.

Water bugs are considered the largest of the house infesting pests in craven County, North Carolina.  American Roaches are active in and around homes and business when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher, but are known to survive at lower temperatures when the conditions in their environment are right.

They prefer warm and humid spaces such as crawlspaces and attic. They enter homes and business mainly around plumbing & electrical lines.

They also can be found in home storage rooms, garages, sheds, food processing and food storage areas, warehouses,  commercial buildings like schools, restaurants, markets, hospitals, offices, and food processing plants.

The American Cockroach “Water Bugs” can be difficult to control and prevent, but can be controlled with a Quarterly maintenance program with D & D Pest Control Co.  – We can help limit their appearance or occurrence.